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I am a compassionate and empathetic instructor who strives to create an inclusive, engaging and encouraging atmosphere in the classroom. These traits were developed through many diverse teaching and mentorship opportunities that I have had over the last ten years, inside and outside the university setting. At the University of Toronto, I have contributed to courses on qualitative methods, international migration, race and ethnicity, and criminology among others. As the lead Teaching Assistant (TA) in several, I have given several guest lectures on issues pertaining to forced migration, gender and migration, and ethical questions in research with immigrants and refugees. 

My passion for teaching also led me to be an organizing committee member for the Sociology Department’s Teaching Community. We have successfully organized several workshops allowing faculty members and graduate students to discuss topics such as furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion, tips and tricks for successful courses, and tools for face-to-face versus online learning. 

Below are some examples of courses I TAed for, guest lectures I conducted, and other teaching experiences. 

University of Toronto


"Best Practices for Conducting Qualitative Interviews" (course: Research Methodology; x2)


"Syrian Refugee Mothers' Future Projections in Canada" (course: Race, Family, & Adoption; x2)


“Refugees and Forced Migration”

(Course: Sociology of Migration)


“The Syrian Refugee Crisis”

(Course: Criminology and Immigration)


"Research with Members of Vulnerable Populations" (course: Practicum in Qualitative R. Methods)


“Exploring the Experiences of Syrian Refugee Mothers in Canada” (course: Intro. to Sociology)


“What Is Crimmigration?”

(Course: Criminology and Immigration)


“Ethical Issues in Research with Immigrants and Refugees” (Course: Immigrant Women)

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