Changing Times Study 

Research Assistant (Lead on Qualitative Research Methods)

Principal Investigators: Melissa Milkie and Leah Ruppanner

Project: “Changing Times: Parents’ Re-Evaluations of Work-Family Boundaries and Time Allocations in a Pandemic Era”

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Throughout my graduate school journey, I was very fortunate to participate in different research projects within and outside my department, due to my expertise in Qualitative Research Methods, my analytical skills, as well as my full proficiency in several languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish). 

Below, I highlight the different research projects I was involved in as well as my role in each one of them.

Research Project at OISE 

Research Assistant 

Principal Investigator: Diane Gérin-Lajoie 

Project: “Trajectoires de vie de jeunes immigrants diplômés en contexte scolaire francophone minoritaire”


RISE Study 

Lead Research Assistant 

Principal Investigator: Neda Maghbouleh

Project: “Settlement, Integration and Stress: A 3-Yr Longitudinal Study of Syrian Newcomer Mothers and Tees in the Greater Toronto Area” 

RISE Pilot Study 

Research Assistant 

Principal Investigators: Ito Peng, Melissa Milkie, and Neda Maghbouleh